Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Best Expat Health Insurance

Medical costs across the globe are increasing at a faster pace than the living costs. Health care expenses such as costs for doctors, hospital stays and even medicines go through the roof and have become immensely unaffordable. Accidents occur all around us, and avoid you may, but one always ends up being a victim of one. Sudden or serious illnesses can strike you without warning. In fact, the probability of such events increases when you are traveling out of your normal environment. Finding yourself without the usual safety net of expat health insurance cover could land you into a major financial crisis. Therefore, it is extremely important that your expat health insurance covers all the expenses for medical treatments as well as emergency circumstances.

When it comes to buying an expatriate medical health insurance, the principles you cover are the same as those which apply to purchasing any other insurance cover.
  • Expatriate health insurance is a specialized field and hence it is advisable to seek advice from a registered expat medical insurance agency which has international reputation and years' long experience in working with expatriates to get you the right medical insurance plan.
  • It is also important that the insurance company you consult has previous experience of working in the region / country you going to stay in. They should be aware of the country's prevalent health system.
  • It is an added advantage that the agency has a registered regional office in the same region.
  • You must also check that the company providing your insurance plan employs suitably qualified and experienced representatives whom you can call and seek assistance from whenever required.
  • You must thoroughly read and understand every small bit of your contract clause before you make a final commitment.
However, if you are not planning for an extended period of time and you are going on a tourist or traveler's visa, you can avail low cost international medical travel insurance based on daily rates. The premium and insurance cover is based on number of days you will be traveling for. You must carefully understand that no medical aid is provided until you furnish complete details of insurance coverage or pay upfront for the required medical aid, no matter how critical the situation is. Another vital factor to consider before purchasing an international travel health insurance plan is that it must include provisions of air ambulance and transportation back home, if situation demands.

It is a must to that you don't head-off abroad for any recreational or business trip without proper medical insurance for complete peace of mind.

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