Saturday, 21 July 2012

Expatriate Insurance Services

Why do I need expat health insurance?

Even the smallest accident or minor illness can be expensive if you don't have adequate health insurance. Make sure that you and your family are fully covered before you move abroad and you have peace of mind knowing you will receive the best medical care, no matter where in the world you are and no matter how serious the illness or injury is. Expat health insurance is designed specifically for people moving from their country of origin to another location on a permanent basis. It makes sure that the transition from one system to another is smooth, and that you are not denied medical cover in your new home.

Some countries also insist that you have adequate health insurance in place before you take up residency. If it's a legal requirement and you don't have insurance in place before you arrive, you may be denied access to the country or even incur a hefty fine.

Expat health insurance is the same as a normal health insurance policy, but rather than just covering you in your country of origin, it ensures that you are covered for treatment in your new home from the moment you arrive.

Other reasons for taking out international health insurance

Apart from the legal aspect of entering your new country, there are a variety of reasons as to why you might need international health insurance including:
  • The quality of your local country's healthcare system is poor or does not meet your needs
  • Good quality local healthcare may be very expensive, even for prescription drugs or minor treatment
  • The local healthcare system is confusing
  • Language barriers make using the local system difficult
Why shouldn't I just wait until I arrive in my new home?

You could wait until you have reached your new country of residence (if they'll allow you in without medical insurance), but that could mean a delay of days or even weeks until you get coverage. During that time you would have no health cover to pay for any medical bills, which could become very expensive, very quickly. Even prescription drugs such as asthma inhalers and blood pressure tablets can be costly and cut into your family's finances at a time when you may need to spend more than usual. So not having medical insurance could easily add extra problems to what is what already a stressful period in your life.

For more details about international health insurance you can go to Cigna Global lets you create a comprehensive international health insurance plan tailored to your specific needs. Wherever you live in the world, international medical insurance gives you access to the quality healthcare so you and your family can receive the treatment from the best medical facilities worldwide.

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